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Demanding For Presidency Or Saying No To Voting Is Madness, Stupidity And Means To Enslave Ndigbo The More By Sir Wealthson Chukwudi

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Sir Wealthson Henry Chukwudi | UPNI President

The Igbos should stop making noise and start coming together politically in their numbers. Presidency is never given, it’s a game of numbers.

Sir Wealthson Henry Chukwudi is the President General And Initiator of “United People Of Nigeria Worldwide Initiative (UPNI)

Nigeria as a country needs peace and unity, to enable us work coherently and progressively.

Politics does not depend on smartness alone, you must equally be strong to be successful. As such it’s not meant for everyone but those who understands the nitty-gritties.

To deceive an Igbo man politically is very easy, over the years, I have discovered why the Igbos are “Not Politically Relevant”

Two things has kept Ndigbo as a political slaves in Nigeria, without regards to their values and wealth.

  1. Praise an Igbo man, tell him how good he is, tell him that qualified for the Nigerian presidency position without you supporting him or working to enable him achieve success, he will become carried away by your laudations and ignorantly love you, yet still staggering and stagnant.
  2. Igbos perceive politics as a time to acquire personal gains and lord over their own people while others see politics as a time to spend money and get what they want by all means.

My question is when will the Igbos learn their lessons and correct their mistakes???

Presidency is not given but taken, over the years I have come to the notion that people who talk too much have nothing to offer both politically and otherwise, action speaks louder than words. Ndigbo should stop demanding for presidency and start building a strong political framework and trust among themselves. This is the bedrock to the solution of the problems of Ndigbo.

Demanding for presidency or saying no voting is madness, stupidity and a means to enslave Ndigbo the more. The group of fools who threatened “NO ELECTION IN IGHBOLAND 2017 TO 2019” since after the election where have they been?? Ndigbo should learn from their mistakes, they should stop encouraging idiocy and irrationality.

Ndigbo must stop chasing shadows and make hay while the sun shines.

A Person Who Talks Too Much Contributes Very Less

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