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Sowore @50: Why Nigeria Youths Are In Trouble By Tunde Akingbondere

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Omoyele Sowore | Founder of Sahara Reporters

However difficult the act of reading has become for our youths, it had always been the core responsibility of philosophers to treat and teach salient issues via the faces of books, radio, television and so many other medium. They communicate in the awkward and not too captivating voice truly, they have even been too serious with those words and that you easily call them clingy. But in the mean time, they have communicated wisdom.

The country beckons on you for help but you intentionally kept to being tardy, for you have not decoded its reason for beckoning. This summarizes in short, the character traced to grossly misinformed youths, armed with less or nothing in the struggle for a better country. They have blabbed and thrown invectives at irrepressible revolutionaries, sometimes they are found with a man old enough to be their father in the beer parlours, smoking, drinking beer with the common wealth of the people. They have got nothing to earn from the old whore, who relies on their youthful zest, agility and brilliancy as Special Assistants other than the pleasure of the beer.

I never ventured into arguing the fact that the country is moribund, crumbling and disorganized, the factors militating against the state of Nigeria are metaphysical ones, ones needing the service of adroit seers, immersed in the epistemological baptism of war dynamism. Meanwhile, these wars are only metaphysical to the masses outside and not the ones obtaining within the cocoon and within which the common wealth of the country is shared. I have not denied the fact that a fragment of the masses have a taste of it but then, they aren’t still satisfied.

I send a strong worded message to the youths, that those who would deliver this generation from the scorching hands of its oppressors aren’t the lazy ones, not the corrupt and starved professors of the universities. They are the youths, specifically armed with ideas, the current ones with papers and research. They have not been scared to the extreme and by the bullying police’s sturdy physique, armed to the teeth by administrations that should be responsible to the people. The government has always been the making of the people and likewise the agencies under it. We must bring the state to sanity.

Omoyele Sowore made a good example, not when he had always made a star since he identified his right from the left. A few people aren’t aware of how the young Sowore was alleged by the military of attempting to take over government for the first time while he was just 21 years of age. He was said to have led a protest comprising roughly five thousand students, they challenged the IMF policy while he was at the University of Lagos.

He visited M.K.O Abiola in slipper and could still reject the eight hundred thousand naira presented him by this stupendously rich politician, what could have sustained all these values if not integrity?

A perspective I still found it very difficult to come to terms with is the one in respect to Nigeria youths taking this envious stance against Sowore, considering the impacting activistic sojourn and Jesuit miracles with the pharisees and Sadducees of our time. I heard they are awed at the uncommon nature of his courage: to endure the unjust brutality of the Nigeria police or even turn down the tables of the moneychangers at the termination of the failed attempts to break him.

A time it is, you would see me and another time you wouldn’t
Sowore selflessly brought activism to every level for over thirty years, he shockingly clocked fifty today and might with time not be always available to fight injustice. It would now border on the consciousness of our people, the immediate need for the tardy generations to rise and fight for themselves in a revolution. The barricades have always been accommodating and it entertains every Nigerian youth with this passionate disposition to making this place better than they met it.

A man can always be a catalyst, there need be a spontaneous reaction to the action of every catalyst in our generations. Jesus was battered for our sake, such behoves on us to selflessly rise and fight for the salvation of others.

The sleeping youths are in trouble!

Akingbondere Tunde is a Public Affairs Analyst, activist writer and a student of law.

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