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Meet The Alius — Five Nigerian Sisters Who Are Medical Doctors

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The Alius

Meet the five Nigerian sisters, who are all Medical Doctors trailblazing in different fields of the Medical Profession.

The five sisters who are said to be from Okene in Kogi State in Nigeria, are known as Salamat Aliu (the first female Neurosurgeon in West Africa), Halima Aliu (Plastic Surgeon), Raliat Aliu (an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist), Khadijah Aliu (a Family Physician), and Medinah Aliu (Public Health Physician).

The all-women doctors from the same family have become torchbearers for others, who have over the decades been sidelined due to inequality and lack of formal education.

“When we educate women, we educate families, communities and nations.”

School participation remains a significant challenge across developing nations, and Nigeria is not an exception, particularly in northern states where the blatant extremism of Boko Haram, an Islamist militant group, targets school-going girls.

The Aliu Sisters are among the few privileged ones who have broken the glass ceiling to make a case for women in a male-dominated profession.

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