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What You Don’y Know About Joseph Ebenezer Akinsunlola By Tunde Akingbondere

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Pastor Joseph Ebenezer Akinsunlola

I have been extremely heavy, stamped in the double-faced thought of what to write and how to write about a personality I have since known as prophet, teacher, sponsor and confidant. The man seems to have wielded the capacity of a superhuman and that not just words have been able to convey the character, strides and leadership.

He hails from Idanre in Ondo State, grumbled like those forlorn, little children whose background could be unfortunate as they weren’t born with the silver spoon. This never held him down from pursuing the bright, glowing visions before him, he kept to being resolute and fought unwaveringly for the stature he wields today.


Akinsunlola Ebenezer was among the few young people of his age who also struggled through, managed to secure expensive education during this time and within the averagely exposed Idanre setting. He studied Business Administration at the prestigious University of Ilorin where he improved on his service as a devotedly committed member of the church. He was later confirmed a Pastor on pursuing the mandatory Youth Service in Benin and under Spirit filled Pastor Ben Youth of Glory Tabernacle Church. This happened at the full glare of the wife who seems to have portrayed similar traits as the heartthrob. They both graduated from the University of Ilorin.

Akinsunlola is a Radical Giver turn philanthropist, he floated so many initiatives and that successfully catapulted multitude out of extinct poverty in Nigeria, United states including some other countries in the African continent. Of tremendous value is his “Hunger Fighter” initiative, confirmed to have targeted Hundreds of Thousands at the edge of the world society

Ebenezer’s Caring Heart initiatives range from providing shelter for the homeless, seeking justice for the oppressed, providing scholarships for indigent students, and canvassing the best style of leadership in government and politics.

This meek personality is a Mobile Compendium, televangelist and with a wide range of network on the Social Media. His latest online group, “The Praying Parents,” controls over 241,000 Followers.

Akinsunlola Ebenezer is the President & Senior Pastor:- Worldwide Prayer Center, USA. A church with Branches in Akure, Otta and Australia

His family is blessed with DANIEL, DAVID, DORCAS & DEBORAH. They all live in the United States of America.


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