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2019 Presidential Inauguration: Nigerians React

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May 29th, 2019 is the inauguration of the Nigeria president, though the people reelected the President into power for the second term.

Nigerians are looking forward to having something better, unlike the first tenure that was filled with a lot of crisis like insecurity, kidnapping, recession and the likes.

Today at the Eagles Square where the inauguration was held, the security beefed was at its highest peak, which implies the rate of insecurity in the country is alarming.

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    Reference Daily News had an interview with few Nigerians to know their views and expectation in the next administration.

    Speaking with Barrister Eric Akinade at his residence, he said, first, “I want to say I appreciate the President for his first term and I want to say he did well, considering the fact he met the country in chaos.

    He said, “The next level administration another chance for him to do better because we are looking another economic policy. He’s also looking forward to a better change comparing to the previous administration.

    He said, “The security in the country is not too strong; that’s why they have to beef up the inauguration centre with security officers because there are likely terrorist threats.

    As the number of citizens of the country, he had to be protected. There are threats from the IPOB, Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram and so on,  though I am not classifying the IPOB as a terrorist, we understand their agitation.

    Talking on his expectation, he said, “He’s sure the President hears of the killing, kidnapping, suicide that’s as diluted the affairs of the nation and he believe the President is aware. He wants the President to put up measures he thinks will resolve this menace.

    He also extends some accolades to the vice president been the head of the economic unit, for his ability to take the country out of recession and making many Nigerians happy with diverse policies and programs they have initiated which has helped many citizens.

    He looks forward to seeing a better change and sees Nigeria grow, at least we acclaim to be the giant of Africa, but I don’t see us there yet, but he hopes they can take us to the next level they lauded.

    He also wants the President to be unbiased in the appointment of his cabinet and ensure the issue of the minimum wage to be settled.

    The areas of insecurity and power supply are the major areas Nigerians are clamouring for.  Unemployment is another serious issues because this has led many Nigeria youth to join fraud in other to make an earns meet.

    Reference Daily News also spoke to Mr Desmond who is a Biochemist. He said that “he’s not worthy of criticizing someone the mass has chosen out of their belief that he’s doing well and able to deliver for them.

    I’m not saying I am pleased with him, but at least he has done something, and in leadership, it’s not possible to make a total difference in his first tenure, but he hopes he corrects things in his next tenure.

    He wants him to address the issue of unemployment in the country as more graduate is been pumped out of the university without any hope of getting employed.

    Also, our focus should go beyond petroleum and diverse the economy into agriculture and other sectors.
    He also wants the education system to be paid attention. The issue of the strike is not a good thing for national development.

    Mercy Amarachi, a businesswoman told Reference Television that she’s disappointed to an extent at the inability of the President to bring the change he preached four years ago.

    She also emphasizes on security, power supply and unemployment as the primary things the President should tackle in his coming tenure.
    She said he has not delivered change and he’s talking of next level.

    She also wants the President to shun corruption and siphoning of funds, and he believes the country will be better.
    Speaking to an Agricultural extensionist, Mrs Susan on the phone as well, she said she’s excited about the day and hope the government could tackle unemployment.

    The area of security, the circulation of Naira is also critical when he comes into power for the second term. Also, the road channel should be rehabilitated to avoid frequent accident.

    Dipo Simon, a graphic designer and a computer engineer, ruled out the peculiarity of today as he told Reference Daily News there’s nothing to celebrate that the governments are not confident of the country security that they have to pack up security personnel at the eagles square.
    He, therefore, urges Nigerians to be very conscious.


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