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Breaking: Obasanjo, 393 Others Escape Plane Crash

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Nigeria Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo escaped death alongside 393 others on an Ethiopian airline on Wednesday.

Breaking: Obasanjo, 393 Others Escape Plane Crash

According to a NAN reporter on board, he said the Aircraft ET-901 left BOLE international airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian took off about 9:10 AM EAT – Eastern Africa Time (Standard Time) and 7 AM Nigeria time and at about 5 hours into the air without any cause for alarm until they were approaching Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos State.

The torrential downpour and wind made the pilot have a wrong landing on the 3rd touchline instead of the first line on realising this, and he flew the plane out of the Lagos airport.

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    This caused the passengers and the crew members of the plane to be panicking.

    It took the pilot 20 minutes to get a safe landing after hovering the air and moving close to Ogun State

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