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Queen of England Learns How To Use Self-Service Checkout

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Queen of England Learns How To Use Self-Service Checkout

Queen Elizabeth of England took part in supermarket retailer Sainsbury’s 150th birthday celebrations on Wednesday and took the time to learn about self-service checkouts.

Staff demonstrated the checkout, now a ubiquitous sight in shops in many countries, to the British monarch, although she didn’t have a go at using it herself, CNN affiliate ITV reported.

However, the Queen gamely joked around with the staff, asking them if it was possible to cheat the machine.

The monarch was on a tour of a replica 1860s-style Sainsbury’s supermarket in Covent Garden, London, near the retailer’s first shop on Drury Lane.

The original store stocked only the basic essentials, specializing in butter and eggs, but Sainsbury’s is now a multi-million-pound business.

During her visit, the Queen met David Sainsbury, who is descended from John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury, the founders of the business.

Earlier this month, the Queen sought to raise her online presence by recruiting a social media manager.

The royal household posted a position for a digital communications officer on its jobs listings website, with the successful applicant tasked with finding “new ways to maintain the Queen’s presence in the public eye and on the world stage.”

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